“Explaination is the soul of theory”

4 Functions of theory:

1) Define the field

2) Categories the field

3) Connects the field to other related fields in the universe

4) Theory anticipates

Jomini - War is art; strategy is science

”Theory is the orderly interpretation of accumulated experience and its formal enunciation as a guide to future intelligent action to better that experience.”

Clausewitz: Theory educates judgment

Jomini: Theory provides concrete guides to action

Patton: Integrrated multiple capabilities, successful in attrition warfare and open-field maneuver, made mistakes

Grant: Learned on the job: never forgot a lesson; able to see enemy’s difficulties; Grant learned important lessons about mental, psychological, and organizational attributes to win; saw war as a whole—brought entire weight of union (Economically and militarily) against confederate strength

Theory is invaluable as one data point; serves best as an adjunct ot genius.

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