Ed Westermann, FLAK 1914-1945 (2001)

AAA represent 70 % of all A/C shot down in combat since 1914, and destroyed more heavy bombers in WWII than GE fighters. GE more focused on ground support, than the Douhetan bombers. Struggled technically with the 4 engine bomber. In the 30-39 period it is fair assumption (took most of Europe like that) that their Blitzkrieg could win without heavy bombers, FLAK and no focus on radar. Two theories (30’s): Bombers and Air Def (FLAK). Off mean that if you get it right sometimes = success and def (FLAK etc) wrong ONCE = disaster.

-FLAK was effective, forced to dropp of tgt, killed a lot of planes, cooperated with fighters in killing bombers

-FLAK wasted recourses, partial correct, lacked petroleum = no flying anyway if they had used resource toward A/C. Versaille treaty limited A/C, but not FLAK.

-FLAK cost too much to produce, rdr and searchlight had combined effect for fighters too, FLAK good as anti-tank wpn and they used minimal numbers of combat useful soldiers

Combined effect of fighter, AAA, balloons, searchlight, dummy tgt, black outs was a good defense.

FLAK had trough out the war less successful, while fighters increased their success.

In the end GE was out produced, by the Allies. This combined with loss of Air Superiority

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