Singer, Wired for War

Notes from Gloves / we are loathe to accept concepts of change in the study of war 9 / robots at war 32ff / silk-scarf mentality 54 / surrender to a drone which was spotting for naval gunfire 57 / a broader suite of visual sensors make it easier for planes to operate in adverse weather 63 / to be a robot, a system must include a sensor, a processor to decide, and an “effector” that acts on the environment as decided 67 / exponential growth positivism 96ff / man was in the loop during the Iranian air shootdown – “in the loop” doesn’t mean you trust yourself to defy the machine 124-5 / man’s creativity makes it certain robots will conduct war 436

seminar notes / man is warlike, so our creations are warlike / distancing man from war changes war / killing without personal risk engenders psychopathic behavior / when autonomous machines serve the military state, they earn the franchise (a la Heinlein, & Doleman’s “The Warrior State”)

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