Author elevates the threat of terrorism to a tier one problem in US NSS. providing a prescription for solving terrorism by providing a model for identifying terrorist groups during their formulation and therefore we would be able to nip the problem in the bud. Calls for greater ISR and provides some of the key aspects to look for. The authors also argue problem of defining a terrorist state. Talk about the differences between insurgents, militias, terrorist. Look for warlords, criminal actions to raise revenue, and other indicators of insurgent/terrorist groups. Authors believe the US should assist insurgents in countries against govts that are destabilizing the region.

Some points the piece raises:

The importance of context (geography, place, history, time, and other events)

Rational is in the eyes of the beholder

There are winners and losers on both sides.

Non-integrational gap, have and have not’s….a source for conflict and a relative deprivation…

Insurgency ≈ to Kiras’s IW definition. This is a type of warfare, and terrorism is often part of the type of war. The fight centers around winning politically and militarily. Insurgents have to win just one to sucessed, but the government has to win both!!

Time is the main weapon for the insurgents. Body counts are meaningless and you cannot counter a insurgency with attrition (they have potentially the entire population to take from…)

The best weapon against insurgents is good accurate intelligence

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