John Morrow, The Great War in the Air (1993)'''''

Production, technology and raw materials played large roles in the air war.

Covers mil aviation 1909-1921. In 1914 mil aviation still in its infancy (FR and GE in the lead)

Believed in short war, log and equipment did not need to last long…

Air pri was recce, trenches gave good spotting opportunities for planes

1915 FR, had 4500 planes, many obsolete (1200 to the front)

1915 GE, Important A/C industry and sent first dirigibles over London

1915 ENG, Poor success with their air attack (3 successful) Flyers own their own planes….

1915 IT, purpose build bombers inspired by Douhet

1916 FR, had Air super over the front. Dog fight 1v1. Struggled with engine reliability. Produced small A/C = most profit, but politicians wanted strat bombers.

1916 GE, Struggled to keep production up, but build quality. Created modern Jagerstaffel (brief, debrief, tighter unites etc)

1916 ENG, Lacked modern A/C. Dowding in charge. Zeppelines brought the war to ENG. FR gave them engine and A/C leftovers

1917 FR, Lost Air super over front. Gen Petain understood the necessity of air super. A/C and engine production went up

1917 GE, A/C suppoerte ground forces. Struggeld to produce enough. Lacked raw materials.

US entry into the war gave more production capacity.

1917 ENG, Lost pil and planes, sqn disobeyed attack orders (moral). Believed Strat bombing could affect moral. Air could be a tool to get out of the stalemate (Churchill saw this). Problems with engine production.

6 Apr 1917 US, Air very unprepared. Dramatic increase in production, and supported Allies with this and raw materials. (Automobile industry had the skills, tools and system)

1918 FR, Struggled with communication C2. Had the world’s largest Air F. Didn’t bomb GE out of fear for reprisal.

1918 GE, Tgt London. Workers unrest impacted on production. Did produce superior fighters. Lost the war due to attrition of; personnel, materiel and fuel.

1918 ENG, Got a lot of help (US had 300 pil there). Lost 75 % of its pilotes. Had 3 carriesrs. UK now largest producer and Air F in the world. (2 bomber sqn = similar deliverance tonnage as 1 135 mm gun today)

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