Jomini’s assumption is… p325, Correct theories, founded upon right principles, sustained by actual events of wars, and added to accurate military history, will form a true school of' instruction for generals. If these means do not produce great men, they will at least produce generals of sufficient skill to take rank next after the natural masters of the art of war.

Given this… p70, he submits the Fundamental Principle of war is contained in his Four Great Maxims… summarized as: bring into action upon the decisive point the greatest possible force.

Clausewitz’s theory gives insight into how things are connected… Jomini provides principles that if you use them in war… you will be as close to Military Genius as possible

Jomini states strategy is… the art of making war upon a map (certainly a result of Jomini watching Napoleon crawl around on a map divining a plan)

 -- Dr Winton… there is a lot of utility in this definition in terms of the process and the output… however, while the output is explicit, there is no clear indication of the input compared to Clausewitz’s: Strategy provides the link between engagements to the purpose of the war.  Maybe a combination of the two would more fully define strategy
 -- Since Jomini defines it as “war on a map”… he is required to standardize map/strategy terms… provides a doctrinal foundation.
 -- Waterloo proved geometric description doesn’t fully describe the situation and you then need to expand your analysis to other factors… Clausewitz’s moral (the retreat of the guard) and physical factors (the alliance that made Blucher pursue even after being beaten initially).

Jomini provides principles so that you can apply them and be like a genius… Clausewitz attempts to teach you how to think like a genius (no principles)

 -- Jomini’s pragmatic assertions are helpful to a practitioner and is still seen within our PME… Clausewitz’s reflective style is often more appreciated by academics.  Clausewitz agrees that lower to mid-level operations are based on routine… only higher level strategy requires quasi-military genius
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