Everett Dolman, Astropolitik


- Mahanian argument for space power (space power=national greatness)

- Current US space strategy is “not decisive, guiding, or illuminating. In a word, it is not strategic.”

- 3-step strategy for US space dominance: (1) withdraw from current space regime; (2) Seize military control of low-Earth orbit; (3) Establish a national space agency to coordinate efforts of all space sectors.

Main points:

- Space can become a national power base for the country that is willing to conquer and exploit

- Astropolitik: A determinist political that manipulates the relationship between state power and outer space control for the purpose of extending the dominance of a single state over the whole of the Earth.

- Regime: principles, norms, rules and practices around which actor expectations converge

- Space Regime: Basis from Innocent Passage, Antarctic Treaty, International Outer Space Treaty, ABM Treaty 1972

- Principles: Beliefs of fact causation and rectitude

- - Space is the common heritage of all mankind

- - Space is to be used only for peaceful purposes

- Norms: Standards of Behavior defined in terms of rights and obligations

- - No state or person can lay claim to any part of space

- - Relations is space based on ideals of cooperation and nondiscrimination

- - State is responsible for the consequences of space activities that originate from it

- Rules and Practices

- - No placement of WMD in space

- - All spacecraft registered with the UN

- - No military bases/military exercises/weapons testing on celestial bodies

- - No interference with other states’ space activities

- - No harmful contamination on moon or other celestial bodies

- Current Space regime fosters collective inaction and needs to be changed

- Need re-establishment of a competitive, widely embraced, and recognizably astropolitical space regime (space exploration and competition without confrontation), for future growth

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