Author provides philosophically review of Che and Castro use of irregular war in Cuba and Boliva. Debray believes the forces needed to strike quickly and time was not an ally. The US and counterinsurgency forces were gaining strength. Idea of the Foco, at the beginning, the Foco is the vanguard of men leading the revolution. These men don’t work to gain support from the people…they start out by attacking the govt. These attacks serve as a beacon to the people (Propaganda of the Deed). Politics & military are part of the whole…not separate. Military action must take leading role. The political side will resort to meetings, and attempts to work within the system, instead of overthrowing it.

Saw the fight moving in stages; Armed self-defense; starting phase a more defensive period need to move to the Armed Propaganda, where the revolution is spread to the people via small armed groups. Need secure guerilla base that is your base.

During his discussion of self-defense, and defensive action, Debray warns that the Guerilla has nothing to protect. The government has to protect everything! To protect something means to slow down, which is counter to his argument that speed in revolution is important. This is distinct from Mao's argument on protracted warfare, and that revolution will take as long as needed until the war is over.

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