Author attempts to take an objective look at the air and fire campaign against Lebanon and Hezbollah. Discounts claims that Israel destroyed or randomly attacked various infrastructure targets, and killed as many civilians as reported. However, he takes issue with the strikes against the transportation infrastructure as well as housing…even the level of response & number of attacks given the spark that lead to the war. That Israel lost the war due to the overwhelming firepower, the destruction wrought, Hezbollah (has a violent and a lawful section) actually won due to ability to survive and still put up a fight.

Israel lost the propaganda war, they were seen to be too heavy handed and even if the Katyusha rained over Israel this was never the focus of the media. 12000 missions in 34 days, showed the overwhelming Airpower capacity Israel holds.

Hezbolla hid behind UN building, amongst civilians. Used this as their shield and gave them better propaganda results too.

Israel’s army could not do this, air only option.

Israel approach this in a force vs force manner, very traditionally. Was his their strategic bombing attempt to hit Lebanon to force Hezbollah out? Partially also a punishment strategy to destroy their capabilities (at least last part of the war)

Fewer Katyushas after the war, does that mean it helped??

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